SMP Locations

Georgetown University Medical Center || Georgetown Downtown

The Special Master’s Program has two campuses: the Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) campus and the Georgetown Downtown (GTDT) campus. Accepted SMP students can select the environment best suited for them at the time of deposit.

The same outstanding medical and graduate curriculum is given at both locations, but we can now offer even more academic support, and the ability to do structured clinical and volunteer experiences at the GTDT campus.


Everything that makes the SMP the premier program in the nation is found at each location. Medical courses comprise over half of the SMP curriculum. Our award-winning professors will teach you in medical and graduate courses, using a wide variety of learning modalities. The table below addresses many important aspects of each campus.   

  Georgetown Medical Campus Georgetown Downtown Campus
Curriculum Same Same
Medical Course Content Same Same
Graded Against Medical Students Yes Yes
Daily Schedule Variable Regular
In Class With Medical Students Yes No
Use of Lecture Capture Yes, as supplemental resource for medical courses Yes, as primary resource for medical and graduate courses
Support for Medical School Admission Same Same
Academic Calendar Follows medical school calendar Follows med calendar with one week delay
Program Size ~180 students ~25 students
Facilitated Learning Sessions No Yes
Average Matriculant Stats ~3.3 GPA
~510 MCAT
~3.3 GPA
~510 MCAT
MCAT Required Yes Yes
Gross Anatomy Prosections at GUMC Yes Yes
Scholarships/Grants limited merit-based partial scholarships limited merit-based partial scholarships
Clinical/Volunteer Experiences Limited Structured part of the curriculum
Ease of Access to Campus Live by campus/GUTS bus, no Metro Accessible to Metro red, yellow and green lines
GUSOM Admissions Process Same Same
Start Date
August 10, 2020
(orientation Aug 6-7)
August 17, 2020
  (orientation Aug 13-14)

Lecture capture is the main delivery for the medical courses at GTDT, but many professors give their lectures at GTDT. GUMC has some flipped learning, which is student self-directed study followed by class sessions that integrate and apply the concepts. However, GTDT campus employs primarily flipped sessions and active learning. This organized structure allows the students to have time for Biomedical Career Explorations.