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A competitive applicant to the SMP has an uptrend in undergraduate GPA, good record of clinical and community service experiences, and quality letters of recommendation. MCAT is preferred, but not required. Students wishing to apply to medical school during the SMP year will need a competitive MCAT.

SMP Director Jennifer Whitney

Which Program Is Right for You?

SMP Director Jennifer Whitney explains the different types of postbaccalaureate programs available to students who are preparing for medical school. You may also wish to visit our informational page, Which Physiology Program Is Right for You?, to compare our program with the regular M.S. in Physiology and the GeorgeSquared certificate program.

Apply Online

Applicants have the choice to apply through the Georgetown Graduate Application Portal or the Post Baccalaureate Centralized Application Service (PostbacCAS). Please do not submit applications to both.

Amy Richards - SMP Assistant Director

Get Started

Looking to start an application? SMP Assistant Director Amy Richards gives a quick introduction to the program’s prerequisites and application process.


October 15

Early Application

Applicants using the Georgetown Graduate Application Portal before this deadline may apply to waive the application fee. Applicants must first submit the fee waiver request form before October 15 and before submitting their program application.

May 15

Priority Application

Recommended deadline for scholarship consideration and for international applicants who will need to apply for a U.S. visa.

July 1

Application Deadline

You may still be considered for scholarships.

Decisions are released on a rolling basis. We encourage you to complete your application in a timely manner, so it is ready for review. International applicants in particular are encouraged to apply by the May 15 priority deadline to allow sufficient time to apply for a U.S. visa.

To be most competitive for scholarships, we encourage you to apply by the priority deadline (May 15).

Admission Process

The SMP Admissions Committee will only review applications when all admission materials are received, including letters of recommendation and transcripts from all previous universities attended.

The SMP reviews completed applications on a rolling basis starting in October. Upon completion of the first review, if your application is accepted or placed on the waitlist, you will receive an email immediately. Waitlisted applicants are re-reviewed on a regular basis, and may be accepted up until orientation.

If your application is denied, you will receive a letter from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Application Requirements

A 4-year bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher (across all undergraduate coursework and/or institutions attended). A GPA of 3.3 is competitive. If your GPA is below 3.0, please consider our other physiology options (new window).

The SMP requires the same prerequisite courses as most U.S. medical schools. Two semesters of each of the following courses (including labs) are required:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry – one semester – highly recommended for application to the SMP and medical school (many medical schools now require it)

You may apply to the SMP while you are completing these courses. All prerequisite courses must be completed before the start of the SMP. 

List your postsecondary institutions in your application, and upload a transcript for each institution.

Follow the transcript instructions in Admissions FAQ (new window) to ensure you upload proper documentation.

The Georgetown SMP is test optional. However, an MCAT score is preferred. Practice MCAT scores are also considered and can be sent to Keep in mind a competitive MCAT score is necessary to apply to medical school during the SMP year, if you wish.

View instructions for submitting official MCAT or GRE test results (new window)

The SMP application requires three letters of recommendation (LORs), or you may use your undergraduate committee/composite letter. Letters written for application to medical school are acceptable. At least two of the three letters should be from professors in science courses. The third letter may be from an employer or other person who has overseen your extracurricular or volunteer activities.

If you have a composite/committee letter:

  1. Click on the “composite recommendation or letter packet” option in the LOR Choice section of the online application.
  2. Enter the name and email address of the person/office that will be uploading your letter/packet.
  3. Our system will email that person/office and ask that they upload your packet. If they are unable to upload the packet (for example, attachment is too large), they should email the packet directly to  

If you are using Interfolio to submit individual LORs: Click on “three individual recommendations” option. For each recommender, enter the letter writer’s name and the unique email address generated by Interflio. Interfolio will then process the request.

If you have a previous AMCAS/AACOMAS application: You do not need to write a new Academic Statement of Purpose. Upload a document that reads “see AMCAS/AACOMAS”. In the “LOR Choice for Physiology & Biophysics M.S.” section of the application, you will upload a PDF of your previous AMCAS/AACOMAS application.

If you do not have a previous AMCAS/AACOMAS application: Disregard the 500-word limit listed on the online application. The Academic Statement of Purpose should read like an AMCAS/AACOMAS personal statement, which traditionally would have a 5,300-character limit. Your statement should reflect you as an applicant to medical school and your motivations for medicine.

If you have a previous AMCAS/AACOMAS application: Upload a PDF of your previous AMCAS/AACOMAS application in the “LOR Choice for Physiology & Biophysics M.S.” section. If you have updates to your AMCAS/AACOMAS application, you may upload a document listing the new information in the “Background and Experience” section, under “Resume/CV.”

If you do not have a previous AMCAS/AACOMAS application: Upload a document in the “Background and Experience” section, under “Resume/CV,” listing all of the following information. Bullet point or resume format is acceptable.

  • Overall GPA
  • Science GPA
  • Employment History (post-high school). Include position, responsibilities, dates of employment, total hours
  • Clinical Experiences (post-high school – paid and unpaid). Include position, responsibilities, total hours
  • Non-Clinical Community Service (post-high school). Include location, responsibilities, total hours
  • Research Experience (post-high school). Include location, position, description, responsibilities, total hours
  • Extracurricular/Leadership Activities
  • Parent’s Education/Occupation. Include parent’s name, occupation(s) and highest level of education
  • Institutional Actions on Academic Record/Misdemeanors/Felonies. Please state “None” or list any actions and explain. If you list anything, be sure to include what you learned from the experience. Moving traffic violations (speeding, accidents) are considered misdemeanors in many states. If you have a ticket(s), please check whether it is listed as a misdemeanor in the jurisdiction where you received the ticket. Also, if you have a pending court case, please indicate this, so we can advise you. (Note: if you have a court case during the year, and you are found guilty of a misdemeanor, you have to inform all the medical schools you applied to within 10 days of the judgment. Failure to do so can result in rescinding of acceptance.) If you have additional questions about institutional actions, etc., please contact an advisor at AMCAS.

Applicants to any Georgetown program may choose to submit an Optional Statement with their application that addresses diversity, personal background and contributions to community. A detailed prompt for the statement can be found in the application.

We encourage you to consider applying for the Hoyas for Science Scholarship (new window), offered through Georgetown Biomedical Graduate Education. Please note that the scholarship has a similar prompt to the Optional Statement, and you can incorporate your Optional Statement text into your essay for this scholarship application.

All applicants are required to demonstrate a level of proficiency in the English language sufficient to meet the admission requirement of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Follow the TOEFL/IELTS instructions in Admissions FAQ (new window) to determine whether you need to send us test scores to prove your English language proficiency.

If you apply to the SMP and are put on our waitlist, this is a good thing! Our applicant pool is highly competitive, and many of our accepted students are accepted to medical school before matriculating into our program. This opens up seats in the SMP, which we immediately fill from the waitlist. We do ask you to be patient – we will continually review waitlist applicants for acceptance up until the start of classes.

  • Send us updates of your spring grades, and new MCAT scores if available, as these will help us with our decisions.
  • We will be contacting you periodically with information. Please respond as quickly as possible.
  • If you are accepted to medical school before coming to the SMP, congratulations! Please email and let us know that you wish to withdraw your application.
  • If you are on the waitlist in late July/early August and are sure you will come if accepted, please email and let us know, as this will put you in our final select pool.

For further instructions and information, consult our SMP Frequently Asked Questions.

Not sure if you meet the requirements? Visit Which Physiology Program Is Right for You? to compare our program with the regular M.S. in Physiology and the GeorgeSquared certificate program

International Applicants

Please note that the visa application process can take weeks or months and varies based on your country of origin. To help ensure that students receive their visas in time for registration, the program suggests that applications to the program should be completed by the May 15 priority deadline. In the event that visas are not received in time, admitted students may defer their admission one time to a future open term. There is no additional admissions application fee charge for the one-time deferral.

For more information for international applicants, please see our Biomedical Graduate Education International Applicants page.

International applicants interested in pursuing medical school in the U.S. should carefully read the AAMC’s website regarding the limitations and restrictions for international students in the medical school admissions process.

Beginning with the 2023-24 cycle, Georgetown Univ School of Medicine (GUSOM) no longer consider international applicants for admission. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, hold a permanent resident visa, or be eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) process of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at the time of application. All applicants must provide the appropriate documentation which would include submission of a U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport, U.S. permanent resident card, Form N-550, Certificate of Naturalization, or other documentation to show asylee, refugee or DACA status.

Tuition & Scholarships

View SMP Tuition.

Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) offers scholarships to incoming master’s students based on merit and service. Scholarship applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and awarded subject to funding availability, so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible after submitting your program application. BGE also offers merit-based scholarships to a limited number of Master of Science students based on programs’ recommendations.

Financial Aid

Students may wish to apply for federal loans, private loans or outside scholarships. It is recommended that you begin the process of applying for federal financial aid as soon as possible after applying for admission. You may use the Estimated Cost of Attendance information in determining federal loan amounts; this program falls under Biomedical Graduate Education > Physiology, Special Master’s Program.

Note: Financial aid for students in our program is under the purview of the Main Campus Office of Student Financial Services – not the School of Medicine office. If you have filled out financial aid forms for Georgetown University School of Medicine, you must also fill out the Main Campus forms. Otherwise, your financial aid could be seriously delayed.

For more information and to obtain financial aid forms, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our SMP Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about admissions to our program, as well as navigating med school admissions as an SMP student.

Career Readiness

Our students benefit from pre-medical advising and academic skills training. Their hard work translates into med school acceptances and successful careers.