New Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Georgetown Special Master’s Program!

We look forward to meeting and working with you in the coming academic year. Please review this page to get started, and feel free to email Assistant Director Amy Richards at for more information.

SMP Orientation Dates

GUMCAugust 3-4, 2023 – 10 a.m. EDTClass Begins August 7
GTDTAugust 10-11, 2023 – 10 a.m. EDTClass Begins August 14

Next Steps for Accepted Students

Join the SMP Google Group at Through the group, you’ll receive announcements from faculty and staff throughout the year.

Please have these messages delivered to the email address you check daily and turn on the “all emails” option for the delivery of postings.

We also encourage you to follow our SMP Facebook page, which will help you keep up with SMP activities and connect with your fellow physios.

Pay the $500 deposit. 

You will be able to view and pay your bill online via MyAccess. Please contact for all billing concerns. Paper tuition bills are no longer generated or mailed. Tuition is due mid-August. An exact due date will be on your bill.

After the April 15 deposit deadline, we will ask you to select a campus: Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) or Georgetown Downtown (GTDT). We will honor your request if seats are available at that location.

If you are accepted after April 15, you can request a campus using the link posted to the smp2024 Google Group titled “Select a SMP campus.” You must pay your deposit prior to requesting a campus. If you request GTDT, we will let you know if the campus is full or not. If you select GUMC, you will definitely get that campus.

View the BGE New Student Checklist for more information on health insurance, immunization and getting your GOCard (student ID).

Assistant Director Amy Richards will register you for classes prior to orientation.

If you’ve had testing accommodations in the recent past, contact Amy Richards immediately at, so she can get your information in the process. This needs to be done at least three weeks before orientation, unless you’re accepted late.

If you are accepted and intend to attend the SMP, we strongly encourage you to apply to medical school for August 2024 matriculation before SMP orientation. You should have your AMCAS application in since you are actively working to improve your application by attending the SMP. The program faculty and staff will be working with you throughout the application cycle. Please see our AMCAS/AACOMAS Applications page for additional information.

Please contact us prior to orientation if you need an exception. Reasons should not include your undergraduate academic record. We do not make many exceptions: You would not be accepted to the SMP if we didn’t think you had great potential!

Biomedical Graduate Student Checklist

As an SMP student, you’re also a member of Georgetown University Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE), which offers many resources to support you in your studies, career preparation and beyond. We encourage you to use the BGE New Student Checklist to familiarize yourself with the opportunities available to you.

Advice from SMP Alumni

Many people have gone through the Special Master’s Program and have gone on to medical school. During their time in the program, they gained valuable knowledge that helped them reach their goal of entering medical school. In this section, former Physiology students will pass on their knowledge so that you can benefit.

Degree Plan

Review your course schedule for the GUMC or GTDT campus.


Get advice on applying to med school as an SMP student, including (re)taking the MCAT.


RSVP for Parent Orientation, and learn more about our program.