Georgetown Downtown Campus

Students at the SMP’s Georgetown Downtown (GTDT) campus learn the same curriculum as at the Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) campus, and benefit from:

Dr. Sarah Knight Marvar - Professor

The GTDT Experience

SMP Team Leader Sarah Knight Marvar talks about Georgetown Downtown’s unique benefits, from small class sizes and self-directed learning to volunteering and clinical experiences.

GTDT On-Site Faculty

Holly Frost, M.S.

Holly Frost

 Holly Frost, M.S., NRP, received her B.S. in Biology/Anatomy from Colorado State University, and her M.S. in Physiology from Georgetown University. She is the course director for Biomedical Career Explorations for GTDT. Additionally, she coordinates a diverse array of service activities at GUMC. She has a passion for promoting health through medical education, originating from her long career as a paramedic. Holly strives to give the SMP students the best possible hands-on experiences to guide them to a future as strong physicians.

Sarah Knight Marvar, Ph.D.

Sarah Knight Marvar

Dr. Knight Marvar is an SMP Team Leader and provides daily oversight of the GTDT SMP campus. She is the course director for the Principles of Physiology and Introduction to Neurophysiology graduate courses. Dr. Knight Marvar also teaches non-cadaveric lectures in the Principles of Gross Anatomy and Biology of Health and Disease courses. Her research interests include pedagogical advances in science education and oxidative stress in hypertensive renal injury.

Office Location: Medical and Dental Building, Room NE 412

Jen Um, M.S.

Jen Um

Jen Um, M.S., is an instructor in the Department of Pharmacology & Physiology who works at the GTDT campus. An SMP GTDT alumna, she served as an academic and community leader during her studies.