Prerequisites for The SMP

The prerequisite courses for The SMP are the same as for medical schools:

2 semesters each of general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology and physics. If you do not have these required courses, you may want to investigate a post-bacc program such as here at Georgetown. Our minimum undergraduate GPA requirement is a 3.0, and we look for good academic performance in your senior year of college, or in post-bacc programs.

We also require an MCAT score. We will consider “old” MCAT scores (more than 3 years old), with the understanding the the applicant would be retaking the MCAT for medical school application. A competitive application for the SMP will have an “old” MCAT of at least 28, or “new” MCAT of at least 507. 

If you are planning on taking the MCAT later in the spring, you will be considered for admission– it is in your best interest to apply early as possible, as your application will be reviewed and held, and be ready for decision when the MCAT arrives.

We may consider GRE scores for admission to The SMP, however if you are accepted,we assume that you will be taking the MCAT prior to, or immediately after arriving for orientation. Competitive GRE scores would be an average 650 in each section, and analytical score of 5.0 or higher. We want everyone to succeed in their goals of attending medical school, and a competitive MCAT is very important.

In addition, while not required, we strongly encourage you to take a biochemistry course prior to matriculating in the SMP. This can be a great help in navigating the first two medical courses. For those interested, we do offer medical biochemistry through the Georgetown Summer Medical Institute, and the course can be taken for a grade, or pass/fail (the course does not count toward the SMP courses/GPA).