One year, leading to a lifetime of success


If you are currently enrolled in classes, be sure to send us a transcript once your spring grades have posted.  We have rolling admissions, and will start sending decisions out starting in October (and continue through spring/summer 2017). If you are on our waitlist, please visit the waitlist page for information. Applications for the class starting August 2018 will be accepted starting in October, 2017. 

[Supplemental materials (transcripts, letters, etc) will be accepted after May 21st, and all completed applications will be reviewed for possible admission.]

Since 1975, Georgetown University School of Medicine has conducted a one-year special program leading to a Masters of Science degree in Physiology. This program, called The Special Master's Program (The SMP), is tailored to college graduates who wish to strengthen their credentials for application to U.S. medical schools.

The Georgetown Special Master's Program

  • is the first and longest running program of its kind.
  • is highly respected by medical schools, with a rigorous medical curriculum 
  • students take medical classes along side the medical students, and are graded directly against them.
  • has the most comprehensive system for supporting students in medical applications and in the program.
  • has outstanding, awarding winning professors lecturing in medical and graduate courses, including the authors of Netter's Essential Physiology (Mulroney and Myers).
  • has added another location with the same rigorous coursework, but clinical and volunteer opportunities (see GTDT SMP).
  • has graduates entering schools across the country (including GUSOM, their state schools and a long list of other schools).

 Get ready for the most challenging year of your life!

Is The SMP right for you?