The Georgetown Downtown Campus

Fall 2022 Applications

Deadline: July 1
Apply to join the Georgetown SMP, or attend one of our monthly webinars to learn about postbacc programs and what Georgetown has to offer.

While the academic content and advising for Georgetown Downtown (GTDT) is the same as the Georgetown University Medical Campus (GUMC), there are a few unique aspects of the GTDT SMP.

  • Small class size
  • On-site faculty dedicated to providing facilitated learning and review sessions
  • Medical and graduate courses are given via lecture capture and reviewed by students prior to class time
  • In-class sessions use a team-based learning paradigm, relying on peer interactions and active participation by all students: the sessions are facilitated by medical school faculty
  • Structured clinical volunteer experiences to enhance your understanding of physician/patient/healthcare worker interactions.

GTDT On-Site Faculty

Holly Frost

Holly Frost, M.S.

 Holly Frost, M.S., NR-P, received her MS in Physiology from Georgetown University in 2001, and is an instructor at the GTDT campus. A long-time paramedic, she has additionally been a health and medicine educator for over 25 years.  She is also a former assistant dean of emergency medical services and is an exceptional resource for our students. Her favorite topics to teach are pathophysiology, gross anatomy and forensic medicine.

Sarah Knight Marvar

Sarah Knight Marvar, Ph.D.

Dr. Knight Marvar is an SMP Team Leader and provides daily oversight of the GTDT SMP campus. She is the course director for the Principles of Physiology and Introduction to Neurophysiology graduate courses. Dr. Knight Marvar also teaches non-cadaveric lectures in the Principles of Gross Anatomy and Biology of Health and Disease courses. Her research interests include pedagogical advances in science education and oxidative stress in hypertensive renal injury. Office Location: Med-Dent Building, Room NE412

Jaclyn McKenney

Jaclyn McKenney, M.S.

Jaclyn McKenney, M.S., is an instructor in the Department of Pharmacology & Physiology who works at the GTDT campus. She received her M.S. in Physiology & Biophysics from Georgetown University and her B.S. from Penn State University. As an SMP alumna, she greatly enjoys working with the GTDT students on their path toward medicine.