The Joshua Pletka Awards for Academic Excellence

In 2009, Josh Pletka (SMP’01, GUSOM’05) established the Joshua Pletka Awards for Academic Excellence. Dr Pletka designated these awards for the graduating SMP student accepted to GUSOM with the highest academic standing in the SMP, and the former SMP student graduating from GUSOM with the highest academic standing. The $5000 awards have gone to:

Adam Albitar, SMP’17, GUSOM’21
Jacqueline McKesey, SMP’13(**Pletka Awardee as SMP), GUSOM’17 (cum laude, residency at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA in Medicine)

Anisha Banda, SMP’16, GUSOM’20
Matt McCormick, SMP’12, GUSOM’16 (magna cum laude, AOA, residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA in Anesthesia)

Celine Yeh, SMP’15, GUSOM’19
John Nolan, SMP’11, GUSOM’15 (summa cum laude, AOA, residency at Univ of Vermont Medical Center in Orthopedic Surgery)

Saad Zaatari, SMP’14, GUSOM’18
Reza Zonozi, SMP’10, GUSOM’14 (summa cum laude, AOA, residency at Johns Hopkins in Internal Medicine)

Jacqueline McKesey, SMP 13, GUSOM’17
Devin Vaswani, SMP’09, GUSOM’13 (magna cum laude, residency at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO in Diagnostic Radiology)

Heidi Pangborn, SMP’12, GUSOM’16
Edward Fenlon, SMP’08, GUSOM’12 (summa cum laude, AOA, residency at U Penn in Diagnostic Radiology)

Jennifer Aronica, SMP’11, GUSOM’15
Brian Renard, SMP’07, GUSOM’11 (cum laude, residency at U Mich- Ann Arbor in Internal Medicine)

Peter Alexandrov, SMP’10, GUSOM’14
Hubert Pham, SMP’06, GUSOM’10 (magna cum laude, AOA, residency at GU in Ophthalmology)

John O’Keefe, SMP’09, GUSOM’13
Mihir Desai, SMP’05, GUSOM’09 (magna cum laude, AOA, residency at Emory in Orthopedic Surgery)

Dr Pletka is an orthopedic hand surgeon practicing in East Syracuse, NY.