Sexual Misconduct Policy

As Georgetown University faculty members, we are committed to supporting survivors and those impacted by sexual misconduct, which includes relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. University policy requires all professors, unless otherwise designated as a semi-confidential resource, to report any disclosures about sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator, whose role is to coordinate the University’s response to sexual misconduct. This means that if you disclose an incident of sexual misconduct to a professor in or outside of the classroom (with the exception of disclosures in papers), that faculty member must report the incident to Dean Sheila McMullen (, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Graduate Students). Upon reporting the incident to Dean McMullan, the student will have the option to meet to discuss the incident and options for moving forward.

In addition, Georgetown has a number of fully confidential professional resources that can provide support and assistance to survivors of sexual assault and other forms of sexual misconduct, including:

Georgetown has additional self-care resources for students and faculty to know about:

GU Self-Care Resource Guide

GU Wellness Wheel (click on the sopkes for more)

Recognizing Student in Distress Resource Guide
For more information including direct reporting of misconduct, see