Student Publications

Student publications from the medical sexual development & reproduction (SDR) module

A key component of the medical Sexual Development and Reproduction course is production of a team-based review paper that is peer-reviewed. Each year the course director (Dr G. Ian Gallicano) selects the best 3-4 papers (out of over 80) to submit to journals for publication. The following papers are from Physios:

Emmerich K, King J, Pham J,  Yang S,  Gallicano GI. (2011) The Actions of Folic Acid in the Prevention of Neural Tube Defects: A Limited Role in Diabetes Mellitus and Epilepsy. In Folic Acid: Properties, Medical Uses and Health Benefits. Nova Science Publishers, Inc

Aronica JC, Gorman MD, Larabee  SM, Reid JE, Gallicano GI. (2011) The importance of folic acid and its effects on fertility, miscarriage and preterm birth. In Folic Acid: Properties, Medical Uses and Health Benefits. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Garren MI Low, Yasser S Attiga, Gaurav Garg, Richard Schlegal, G. Ian Gallicano. (2012) The sex question: can vaccination of males contribute to the eradication of human papillomavirus? Viral Immunology 25:345. 

Elizabeth A. Bellew, Deanna L. Green, Emily W. Law, Patrick J. Rizzuto, Robert W. McGaughey , G. Ian Gallicano. (2012) Ovaries on Ice: Freezing Fertility in Preadolescent Female Cancer Patients. Biopreservation and Biobanking 10:485-492. 

Holloman JP, Ho CC, Hukki A, Huntley JL, Gallicano GI. The development of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cell transplantation as an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis. Am J Stem Cells. 2013. 30;2(2):95-107. 

Nishida, K, Smith, Z, Rana, D, Palmer, JS and Gallicano, GI. Cystic Fibrosis: A look Into The Future of Prenatal Screening and Therapy (2015) in press, Birth Defects Research Part C: Embryo Today: Reviews

Day, J, S Savani, BD Krempley, M Nguyen and JB Kitlinska. Influence of paternal preconception exposures on their offspring: through epigenetics to phenotype. Am J Stem Cells. 2016. 5(1):11-18.

Desai SK, Hartman SD, Jayarajan S, Liu S, Gallicano GI. Zika Virus (ZIKV): a review of proposed mechanisms of transmission and associated congenital abnormallities. Am J Stem Cells. 2017 Jul 25;6(2):13-22.