General Schedule and Major Dates

Major Dates for 2018-2019-- check the Academic calendar

General Schedule

Before Coming

Apply to AMCAS (see instructions on ToDo page).  Mark that a transcript is NOT required for Georgetown University because it is a future program.  Do not submit the GUSOM secondary over the summer.  We will tell you when to submit it this fall.


If you retook the MCAT just before coming, please send the results to when you get them, and we will add them to your record.


Get secondary applications submitted to schools (except GUSOM).


Meet with your faculty advisor, so they can start constructing a letter of recommendation.
Advisor letter is sent out in late October/ early November. This will include fall grades to that date.


Complete and submit GUSOM secondary by Dec 1st!


When fall grades are on your transcript, send unofficial (off your StudentAccess) or official transcript (from your My Access site) to schools.


You can update schools when you have new grades. This can be done via email! They WANT to know you're interested! At the very least, update schools after the med courses are complete in late March.

March- April

Attend "Strategy" meeting! This is for anyone who isn't SURE that they're in schools. The strategy calendar is HERE.
IF YOU"RE ON A WAITLIST...send the school updates, and let them know how much you'd like to go there! This is a great thing!
For applicants to GUSOM: your grades will be sent to Admissions after the Renal course. They will issue interviews soon thereafter...this comes FAST, so you have to be prepared. They will not issue any acceptances until later in the spring (maybe May), and acceptance could continue through the summer, so BE PATIENT! As with any school, if you get on the waitlist, please send updates through the summer (ever few weeks is fine).


APPLY TO GRADUATE!! You HAVE to do this...apply for July graduation, and you'll either be cleared in July or August. If you are reapplying, please refer to the second year strategy calendar for guidance...

Let us know how you're doing....Anytime!