Second Year Strategy Calendar

These guidelines will help plan for resubmission of your application (if needed).

AMCAS: On your AMCAS application make sure you add the pertinent info about the SMP under Educational History (with the degree expected in July, 2015), grades and the personal statement. Add any additional service that you might have done this year. NO TYPOS!

Late May:
If you KNOW you need to reapply,start gathering AMCAS info; go over your application to see what needs to be changed/updated (Educational history, personal statements, volunteer work), and decide whether you should retake MCAT (expired? Under 30?). Think about jobs—we will post anything we hear about.

If you KNOW you need to apply, submit your AMCAS application as soon as it's ready in June (with the new date if you are retaking the MCAT). If you are on waitlists, hold off submitting your application until July.

Send a final update out to schools…it’s not over ‘til it’s over…
If you’re on waitlists, think about potential jobs, just in case.
Sign up for the MCAT if your score could be improved, or will be out of date.

Apply for (July) graduation. You will be cleared in either July or August. You will receive your diploma by DECEMBER, and it will come to the "permanent address" that you have listed in student access (you can change the address on student access if you want it to be delivered elsewhere).
If you haven’t heard from schools by mid- to late July, submit your application to AMCAS.
Email letter request form (waiver) and any update if you know what you'll be doing this year to Amy Richards, along with your AMCAS application, and an updated LOR from your original letter writer will go out. Mail labels to Amy for any of the schools that do not participate in the AMCAS letter service. 
Job hunt! Anything is fine, but if it’s not associated with the medical field, try to continue some volunteer experiences.

Get your secondaries back to schools, ASAP.
Send a list of the schools to which you are applying, and the statement, “I give my permission for the SMP to send information about my application to the following schools:” to Amy Richards ( as soon as you apply.

Contact schools if you haven’t already heard from them. Make sure ALL information is in their hands.
Let us know how things are going!

Jobs: Be proud—you’ll have an MS in Physiology (orientation seems like yesterday, doesn’t it?), and there’s a wide range of positions open to you, from teaching and research to working in hospitals---think about the possibilities….and keep volunteering!