Have You Done This?

SMP  Class of 2009 
Pumpkins for kids at Lombardi Cancer Center

Before you arrive at Georgetown, there are a few things we suggest you take care of, in order to make the beginning of the school year go a little smoother for you.

Pay deposit of $500. 

Join smp20@googlegroups.com and look for announcements. Please have these messages delivered to the email address you check daily. Faculty and staff will use this group druing the summer and throughout the year to communicate with you.  Also be sure to turn on the "all emails" option for the delivery of postings.

Billing: You will be able to view and pay your bill onlne via My Access. Please contact the Student Account Office for all billing concerns. Paper tuition bills are no longer generated or mailed.  Tutuion is due at the beginning of August.  An exact due date will be on your bill.

Registration: Mrs. Richards will register you for classes prior to orientation.

GoCard: Email a picture to the GoCard Office.  Your GoCard must be picked up in person with proper ID. See the website for information: http://gocard.georgetown.edu.

Student Health Insurance: All full time students must have health insurance.  You will be automatically enrolled in the Georgetown plan.  If you have adequate coverage through other means, you may opt out of the Georgetown plan.  Please see studenthealth.georgetown.edu/insurance/ for more information.

Immunization Form: All new students must complete the Immunzation & Tuberculosis Screening Certificate by the deadline of July 1, 2019. (or ASAP if admitted after July 1)  Please note, SMP students do NOT need a TB test automatically.  SMP students are considered graduate students, not not medical students.  You only need to complete a TB test if you qualify under one of the other reasons listed in Part III of the certificate (for example, travel to certain countries around the world).


AMCAS Applications

If you are planning on applying to medical school for the next entering class (which we encourage you to do), here are a few application tips, specific to SMP students. Remember, you would not be here if we didn't think you were an outstanding applicant, could perform well in the curriculum, and would be a good candidate for medical school. There ARE reasons to hold off applying (such as an expired MCAT or you're not sure you want a career in medicine or you have limited clinical/service experiences)-- If you think you fall into this "special" category, please contact us before orientation to make sure you are making the right decision.

  • Please continue clinical and service experiences prior to matriculating to the SMP in August. Remember that competitive applicants to medical schools will have something on the order of ~400 hours of clinical work (such as shadowing, work in hospitals, free clinics, medical missions, etc) and ~100 hours of community service, which should focus on underserved persons (food banks, homeless shelters, tutoring or teaching at risk youth, etc). All of these experiences are important, as they inform your basic understanding of what a career in medicine will be like (and patient/physician interactions, etc), as well as the challenges facing underrepresented communities. Your work in these areas will give you a heightened perspective, and hopefully will increase your desire to give back as a medical student and physician. If you can start experiences prior to putting your AMCAS application in, great! Add it to your experience page. If you start something after your AMCAS is in, please make sure that you update schools with the clinical and/or service experiences once the AMCAS is released to them. Lastly, remember that schools usually look at everything, and if you have less of one experience, but are great in the other, they can still be interested. This said, we still suggest you continue volunteer work until you get to us!
  • We suggest that you submit your AMCAS application as soon as you can in the summer so that you can be working on secondary applications before starting school in August. As many of you are probably aware, both the AMCAS and secondaries take a while to do. If you come to school with the majority of your applications finished, you will be able to concentrate on studying and getting good grades. DO NOT send a secondary back to Georgetown U School of Medicine right now-- they will accept it later in the fall, when you can write clearly about your experiences here. In orientation you will receive information about additional schools you might want to apply to-- this will be done when you get here.
  • If you are accepted to the SMP prior to submitting your AMCAS application, you can put Georgetown University under schools attended. The anticipated date of degree will be in July 31, 2020. In addition, you can list the classes you will take at Georgetown in the "classes and grades" portion of the AMCAS. All of the course names and numbers can be found on the Course Info. Please mark on your AMCAS that a transcript from Georgetown is NOT REQUIRED.
  • List your SMP courses as outlined in the course descriptions.
  • Once you get to Georgetown, you will be asked to submit a list of the schools you are applying to. 
  • Letter of Recommendation. You must use your undergraduate letters of recommendation for medical school applications (should include two letters from science professors). The SMP Director will send a letter of notification to your schools to let them know that you are in the program. In July, Amy will give you the name of your faculty letter writer so you can put it on your AMCAS list. The letter writer will send a letter with late fall grades of completed classes. This will not replace the undergraduate letters. 

If you are planning on taking the July MCAT, there are a few things to note. First, it is recommended you sign up for a testing site in the DC area. Do NOT let it interfere with SMP orientation (take the test given no later than July 20, 2019). If you have already submitted your registration form, you will have to request to change your testing site. Testing sites in the area include: Georgetown University, Howard University, and George Mason University (in Fairfax, VA). 

Remember, MCATs are only valid if they are within 3 years of the matriculation date (ie, an Aug 2018 MCAT is good for 2021 matriculation). Most schools are pretty strict about this requirement, although there are schools that accept MCAT scores that are a year over the expiration. If you think you can up your points a bit before you get here, think about it (but DO NOT take another MCAT unless you feel fully prepared). If you are taking another MCAT, take as many practice tests (old section tests are good, too), to get ready for it, and we wish you much success!