Wheel 2 Win

Hani Annabi (SMP-18) came to his Team Leader (Dr Myers) with an idea borne from his work with disabled persons and wheelchair basketball events. He asked if the SMP could partner with the Spinal Association and the National Rehabilitation Hospital to put on a tournament to benefit those institutions. Dr Myers brought our Director of Community Outreach, Holly Frost and the Director of Yates Field House, Meg Dimsa into the discussion, and soon the enthusiasm for the project was overwhelming. Despite the crazy academic workload, committees were organized, sponsors brought on board and teams were registered, culmnating in an amazing day of wheelchair basketball, Sunday, February 25th, 2018. Over 20 teams competed (four SMP teams played!) and every person had a terrific time. And it helped bring home the idea of "walking in another's shoes".  We thank Hani, Ryan, Holly, Meg, and the myriad of Physios who helped make this event spectacular and create another wonderful legacy for the SMP. Kudos to all of you!

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